Josh Duggar Makes a Rare Public Appearance at Joe & Kendra's Wedding

Josh and Anna Duggar at joe and kendra's wedding
Duggar Family/YouTube

Josh Duggar has been keeping it mostly on the DL ever since his multiple sex scandals in 2015, but it looks like that might be about to change. Josh and Anna recorded a message for fans at Joe and Kendra's wedding over the weekend like it was NBD.


Joseph Duggar married Kendra Caldwell last Friday, and in typical Duggar fashion, a number of family members recorded well wishes for the happy couple. This time, however, they decided to include a message from Josh and Anna, and honestly, it was slightly creepy.

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There have been a number of Duggar weddings in the past few years, but Joe is the first son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar to tie the knot since Josh did back in 2008. In the video, Anna (who is due any second with her fifth child) said she's been waiting a long time for another Duggar boy to get married, and then Josh added his own commentary.

"I've been waiting for a long time for another Duggar boy to get married and have a sister-in-law," Anna gushed. "And so I'm just thrilled to have you, Kendra, as my new sister-in-law! And we look forward to lots of double dates in the future."

That's when Josh said, "So that's two out of the ten boys, now, that are married. There's a lot more to go; there's a lot more Duggar weddings in the future -- but it's nice to have another Duggar sister. So, we're carrying on that last name."

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Now we're just saying that maybe someone who confessed to molesting four of his own sisters as a teenager might not want to say he's thrilled to have another sister. Just maybe.

Anna has said she's forgiven Josh, and she clearly plans to stay with him and continue to expand their family. We hope for her sake and the kids' that Josh really has been transformed, and is the kind of man that she deserves to have as a husband. We also think he should be very sensitive when it comes to making any sort of comments about Duggar sisters.

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