Jessa Duggar Dishes on Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo's Relationship

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo

Duggar fans know that Jinger (Duggar) met her husband Jeremy Vuolo through her sister Jessa, but it turns out that Jessa had her eye on him as a future brother-in-law from the very beginning. Apparently Ben Seewald's wife knew that Jinger would be all over Jer's dapper style.


On an episode of Counting On, Jessa and Ben (and their babies, Spurgeon, 22 months, and Henry, 7 months) got together with Jeremy and Jinger in San Antonio, a place that has special meaning for the newlyweds. "San Antonio is ... where we first met Jeremy and that's kind of what got everything going," Ben explained.

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He continued that they had been in San Antonio for a family vacation with the rest of the Duggar clan, but had arrived several hours before everyone else. So he reached out to a friend in the area, who invited him to come to a fellowship with some members of his church -- at pastor Jeremy Vuolo's house. "Once we started talking, I thought, 'Okay, I really need to stay in touch with this guy somehow,'" Ben recalled.

Jeremy added, "We clicked. You know, there's some people you meet in life and you get along with them right away. That's how it was with me and Ben especially. So we started keeping in touch."

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That's when Jessa remembered a detail that she knew would have Jinger swooning -- his stylish sweater. "I remember what you were wearing that night because Jinger told me that she loved this certain kind of sweater and then you were wearing that sweater. And so I thought, 'Oh, Jinger would really like this guy's style,'" she said.

Jinger chimed in that she remembered her sister telling her about the amazing group of people she met -- and the pastor with the great sweater. She said that even back then, she thinks Jessa was honing her match-making abilities, even though Jessa denied that she thought they would ever really end up together.

Maybe if Jeremy had been drinking coffee at the time, Jessa would've been sure and introduced them immediately. After all, Jinger and Jeremy are just as obsessed with the brew as they are with fashion.

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