12 Times Celebrity Kids Rocked Crazy-Expensive Outfits

Kayla Boyd | Sep 12, 2017 Celebrities

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We all know that celebrity kids have it made. I mean, when you're the daughter of Beyonce or a Kardashian kid, it's no surprise that you're going to be WELL taken care of. The best homes, schools, and nannies are basically a given. And, of course, celebrity kids are dressed to perfection at all times. The shoes, bags, and outfits often rival that of their parents. 

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Many celebrity kids own designer items before they can even speak. Expensive furs, blinged-out accessories, and designer gowns are completely normal. One single garment can cost more than the average person's entire closet! But, I guess it's not that surprising when your parents are besties with major high-end designers. 

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Whether they are accompanying their parents to an award show or sitting court-side at an NBA game, these famous kids always look stylish. Here are 12 times that celebrity kids wore something so expensive that you won't even believe it (especially considering the fact that they probably grew out of it by now). 

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