Prince William Wasn't Initially on Board for a Third Child

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It's an age-old argument: One person wants a(nother) baby and the other doesn't. And apparently, such was the case with Kate Middleton and Prince William before the announcement of their third child recently. According to a new report in the Daily Express, Prince William needed to be convinced to have a third baby by the duchess. And when you hear the father of two's reasoning as to why he wanted to stop after Princess Charlotte, it's easy to see why. 

A royal insider said that Kate has always wanted to have (at least) three children, as she is one of three herself. William, though, whose only sibling is Prince Harry, didn't share his wife's sentiments about expanding their family. Not only did he feel that two is enough, it's also hard for him to forget how difficult Prince George was as a baby. 
"William was more reluctant, not just because he was one of two, but because George was quite a difficult baby," an insider revealed. "Then they had Charlotte and she was a lot easier. Now the idea of a newborn does't seem half as challenging. They've done it twice and they've got all their staff in place."

Apparently, though, it was more of a case of "never say never" than a hard pass for Wills. "Kate always wanted more than two. It was William who needed to be persuaded," the source said. In other words, he knew he was going to have another. It was just a question of when. 
It's been reported time and time again that Prince George was a handful as an infant and that both William and Kate were in a bit of shock during that time. As any parent with a "difficult" baby will attest to, such a period can be a seriously challenging time. But the duke and duchess went on to have another after George, so it shouldn't be as frightening for them. 
Hopefully, the baby gods will be smiling on William and Kate this time around and they'll be blessed with another "easy" baby like Charlotte. But if not, they can take comfort in the fact that the difficult period is only temporary -- and they've already got their staff in place. 
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