Kate Middleton Is Reportedly Planning a Home Birth for Baby #3

kate middleton prince william
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The news of Kate Middleton's third pregnancy has been exciting to think about, particularly when imagining Princess Charlotte as the "big sister," but now there is a new detail to consider. It was reported that Kate wants to have a home birth this time ... something she has wanted for some time. 


There is one huge benefit to having a home birth for the Duchess of Cambridge, and that's privacy. The royal family wouldn't have to deal with the paparazzi to and from the hospital, nor would they need to worry about security in her birthing room. If Kate had baby number three right at home, she would not only be more comfortable in her surroundings, but it could be a beautiful experience for Prince George and Princess Charlotte as well. Parents know kids are most at ease while at home, and a hospital setting could be a challenge for the littlest royals. 

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Kate had wanted a home birth with George and with Charlotte, but both times it was considered too risky. She experienced hyperemesis gravidarum with her two previous pregnancies, and the condition which gives her extreme nausea is back again for the third. It's unclear if this will lessen her chances of having a home birth at this time. It is believed that she is only 12 weeks pregnant, so we'll have to wait and see how things progress.

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While it may seem wild to some for Kate to want a home birth, it's actually in royal tradition to birth at home. Queen Elizabeth birthed all four children at home at Buckingham Palace. So, yes, Prince Charles was a home-birth baby. It would be very special if Will and Kate's baby number three was born like her grandfather in a palace. But no matter where this child comes into this world, it's still going to be an incredible birth day.

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