15 Tip-Offs That Kate Middleton Was Having Another Baby

kate middleton
Pool/Reuters/Splash News

The day Prince William and Kate Middleton announced they were having a third child, we just about fainted from joy. But let's be real here, people, it wasn't exactly the surprise of the century. For the last year or so, the duke and duchess have been dropping subtle hints here and there that they were planning another. Also, it's forever been reported that Kate wants a least three children with William. So yeah, we were on to them.   

Before they officially made their announcement, there were loads of reports that the duke and duchess were expecting. And, historically speaking, when gossip reaches such a fever pitch, it tends to be true. There were comments Kate made. General speculation since Princess Charlotte just turned 2. And of course the report that the duchess was rushed to the hospital with hyperemesis gravidarum (which turned out to be true). In other words, we were waiting with bated breath to get official word from Kensington Palace. 

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So far, details are fairly scant on the latest royal baby, but make no mistake about it: The world is fully invested and has loads of questions. Will they have another boy? A girl? What's the due date? Surely, all of this info will come in the upcoming months, but for now we can take some satisfaction in the fact that we so knew another royal baby was on its way. 

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