Kim Kardashian's Third Baby: All the Clues Leading Up to the Big Announcement

kim and kanye and kids
srpp/Splash News

When it was recently announced that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having another baby, we were thrilled. Obviously. But if we're being honest, we can't say we were shocked. Like, at all. Not only did the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star flat-out admit that she desperately wanted a third baby, there were signs -- so many signs -- that another adorable West was on the way. 

From watching her have surgery on her uterus on KUWTK to hearing countless reports of Kimye hiring a surrogate, were were always on to the couple. Kim's nothing if not an open book, remember!

Of course, now that it's been made official, we have so many questions! When is the due date? What's the baby's sex? Who is the surrogate?! (OK, we'll probably never find out that one, but it would be pretty damn fascinating.) How are Kim and Kanye preparing for their new bundle? What have they told the kids? Have they told the kids?!

As time goes on, we'll no doubt get more answers. But until then we'll just have to enjoy the good news -- along with the fact that we knew this was coming a long time ago. Here are 15 tip-offs that Kim and Kanye were having another baby.