Jill Duggar's Latest Photo of Baby Sam Is Causing Quite the Controversy

Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar

It looks like Jill (Duggar) and Derick Dillard are happily settling into being a family of four! As to be expected, the mommy-shamers have been out in force, because of course Jill can't do anything right. This one is pretty special though, because apparently people are having a cow over a picture of a tortilla hat on her baby's head.


What is even happening in the world? Jill shared a couple of photos from her day on the farm with her husband and two little boys, and commenters went nuts over one showing baby Samuel with a tortilla on his head.

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Jill Dillard Baby Samuel

We can't even make this stuff up. Jill is obviously an can-do kind of mom, since she worked with what she had to protect her baby from the sun. Yet the haters gotta hate, and people couldn't wait to voice their opinions about her sub-par parenting.

"Sorry but a tortilla? Really? Imagine how hot that would get, his head would be fried," one person commented, while someone else said, "They don't have enough sense to have hats for the kids. They rather use a stupid tortilla. Wonder if they used sunscreen on them?" Another added, "I agree he needs to be under a stroller or have a hat. It's ridiculous. If they live willingly in the public eye, they should understand people will criticize."

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Because now it's apparently OK to criticize people because they put pictures on their social media accounts. Thankfully, most of the comments defended the Dillards and their baby with a tortilla hat. After all, you work with what you have when you're a mom, right?

And there are much better things to do your time than criticize a mom for taking a silly picture of her baby.

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