Meghan Markle Takes Heat for Being Too Open About Prince Harry

Meghan Markle
Rachel Murray/Stringer/Getty Images

It seems as though Meghan Markle can't do anything right. Prince Harry's girlfriend was recently criticized for an interview she did with Vanity Fair, because apparently she acted completely un-royally.


So what did she do to break decorum and potentially her relationship with her future in-laws? She gushed about being in love. According to the Sun, experts think Meg should "zip her lip a bit" when it comes to her relationship with Prince Harry.

The 36-year-old US-born actress recently told VF, "We're a couple. We're in love." Which was apparently a big no-no, at least to Majesty magazine editor Ingrid Seward.

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Ingrid explained to the Sun, "For her this probably seemed a perfectly normal thing to do. But it will not have gone down well at the palace. Maybe someone like Meghan would be good for the monarchy but I think she's going to have to zip her lip a bit."

Yes, a fully grown woman was told to "zip her lip" when it comes to being happy about being in a relationship. What the actual heck? They've been dating for well over a year, and we are on serious ring-watch. We're pretty sure it's OK to tell people you're happy.

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One of the things Meghan pointed out in the interview is that one of the reasons she and Harry are so chill is because she doesn't "read any press." With stories like this one, who can blame her?

Anyway, Ms. Seward continued her criticism by saying that Meghan's claim she doesn't read any press damages Prince Harry's previous appeals for her privacy. "It makes a nonsense out of Harry's plea," she asserted.

Because apparently you have to read everything ever written about you in order to legitimize your significant other's pleas for decency. Excuse us while roll our eyes and continue to speculate on how soon Harry and Meghan will announce their engagement.

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