Prince George's First Day of School Is Giving Us All the Feels


Just as the world is heading back to school and posting photos of it on social media, so is Prince George -- and thankfully, Kensington Palace is posting photos (and videos!) of the big day on Instagram. On Thursday, Prince William walked his son to Thomas's Battersea, where he'll be attending school this year. Unfortunately, Kate Middleton was too sick to accompany George on his big day. Not sure if the video the palace posted will make the duchess feel better or break her heart -- Prince George is absolutely precious walking into school with his dad.   


But it's the video of the two of them that has us dying. Watch Prince William walk a tentative George to school.

What a polite little chap! The way he shakes his teacher's hand is so cute. You can see he's a little nervous, as he doesn't really want to hold hands with her, but Prince William totally has his back. Such a sweet moment. What a shame Kate had to miss it. 

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Whether the little prince enjoys his first day of school or remains on the shy side, odds are, as with most kids, he'll come around to school in near future. And fortunately for Kate, there will be plenty more school runs to do -- and, of course, plenty more first days of school. 

Good luck, George!

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