Jessa Duggar's Parenting Fail Is One We Can All Relate To

Ben Seewald, Jessa Duggar

God bless it! Jessa (Duggar) Seewald just shared her hilarious parenting fail with Spurgeon with her fans, and honestly, we've been there and done that. Jessa took her tyke to do something he'd always dreamed of, and, well, it didn't go exactly as planned.

Jessa took Spurge on a horse-riding adventure recently, and she was sure he would love the whole thing. However, she shared a series of photos on Instagram that proved her expectation to be completely false.

  • Time for a pony ride!

    The Counting On star shared that her toddler has been obsessed with books with pictures of horses in them, so she naturally couldn't wait to introduce him to the real thing.

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  • So far so good.

    "Spurgeon, look! It's a pony! What does he say? Neeeeeigh! Do you want to ride the pony?" she encouragingly asked him. "Yay! This'll be fun! Here, pet the pony, isn't he nice?"

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  • This isn't so bad, Mom!

    Jessa described Spurgeon's attitude when he first got on the wild beast as: "Hmmm...Idk what to think. Well sitting here isn't so bad!

  • "Wait a second...we're moving. Mom! I'm not so sure about this!!!"

    Jessa said that he was not impressed when the pony started moving, and he "[rode] the minute-long western expedition in a majorly hunched-over position clinging to me."

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  • "Get me off this creature!"

    Jessa wrote, "He did pretty good for not really liking it, but when I tried to get one last pic of him sitting on the pony by himself, he was so over it ... Haha! Oh well, maybe he'll be interested and wanna try again next year."

    Isn't that the way parenting goes? You have all these ideas in your head about what your kids will love ... and then they have their own definite opinions about things!