Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx Caught Holding Hands in Rare Photo

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx
XactpiX/Splash News; AdMedia/Splash News

Quick -- run outside to make sure the world isn't ending! Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes were spotted holding hands in a rare public jaunt that is giving us all the damn feels!


Jamie and Katie -- who already turned heads for spending the day together recently -- have reportedly been dating for some years now and have been famously hard to spot together. As you can imagine, the sighting of the two strolling through Malibu hand-in-hand is like seeing a beautiful unicorn jump over the rainbow.

It. Just. Doesn't. Happen.

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YAS to Katjam!!

Obviously, there could be many possibilities as to why Katie and Jamie are holding hands like some romantic couple on a beach.

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Maybe Katie is scared of the water and needed Jamie to be her personal land anchor.

Maybe Jamie is helping Katie evoke her inner Joey Potter for an impromptu Dawson's Creek session.

Or, maybe these two are a thing and can't hide it anymore.

Y'all go and be blessed today with your "we're not dating" selves. We see you. 

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