'American Horror Story' Season 7 May Have Subtly Shaded Caitlyn Jenner


american horror story sarah paulson
Warning: Spoilers for American Horror Story, season 7, episode 1 "Election Night" lie ahead.

If you tuned in this week to the season 7 premiere of American Horror Story: Cult, chances are you've got a LOT of feelings. This year's theme centers around the social divisiveness (and insanity) surrounding the 2016 election of Donald Trump. Opening on that fateful night in November, the show depicts the wildly different reactions between two sets of Michigan residents: lesbian couple Ally (Sarah Paulson) and Ivy (Alison Pill) and white supremacist Kai (Evan Peters).

  • The truth is, the show takes digs at both sides of the fence.

    Show co-creator Ryan Murphy took liberties jabbing at the right by depicting Peters covering himself in Cheeto dust in celebration of his new fearless leader, as well as mocking the insane white privilege Paulson experiences by revealing she actually voted for third-party candidate Jill Stein. 

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  • And with every scene being heavily laced with social commentary, it was nearly impossible not to notice a low-key shade-throw in Caitlyn Jenner's way.

    chaz bono

    After Paulson admits that the election has "triggered" her phobias (clowns and trypophobia, or the fear of porous surfaces), she takes a trip to the grocery store, where she engages in some casual conversation with a clerk played by Chaz Bono. 

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    As she attempts to commiserate with him on Donald Trump's recent election, she soon learns he's actually a fan. 

  • "We finally got a real leader in Washington," he says as he slips on a "Make America Great Again" hat.

    maga hat

    So where does Caitlyn Jenner come into all of this?

    Though we have no way of knowing if Chaz Bono's character identifies as transgender, we do know that Bono himself does, and that could very well be a direct shade at Caitlyn Jenner's previously proclaimed support for Donald Trump. 

  • Prior to this season's filming, Jenner did proclaim her loyalty to Trump, baffling the trans community.

    After Trump's attempt to ban the trans community from the military, Jenner publicly disavowed him, but ironically was spotted days later sporting a "Make America Great Again" hat herself. 

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  • Jenner's long-dated support of Trump deeply offends the trans community, so it isn't a stretch to think the show would slip this social commentary in.

    While it is highly unlikely AHS added in that scene just a month before its premiere to coincide with current events, it is admittedly ironic. Jenner's support for Trump was present early in his campaign, and while the show's intention may not have been to completely parallel Bono and his character with Jenner's shenanigans, it's pretty damn poetic.