The 15 Most Controversial Celebrity Halloween Costumes of All Time

Kayla Boyd | Sep 6, 2017 Celebrities

hilary duff halloween costume
Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Celebrities often cause an uproar over the things they say, do, and wear -- but when it comes to dressing up for Halloween, some of them really know how to cause an Internet frenzy. Whether their costumes appropriated a culture, trivialized a serious situation, or were honestly just plain stupid, these celebs definitely got dragged for how they chose to celebrate. 

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From the costumes that made Internet news, to the outfits that had you texting your friends with "What we're they thinking?!?!" -- celebrities can get it so wrong that it's offensive.

Celebrities, here are some helpful tips from us to you: 

1) If your costume trivializes a race, religion, or ethnicity -- don't do it. 

2) If you sort of question if it's in good taste -- don't do it. 

3) If you have looked at our celebrity controversial costume list and still think that "Cowboys and Indians" is a good idea ... come on now.

Here are 15 celebrity Halloween costumes that are so inappropriate, they're sure to make you cringe. Let's make a pact to do better this year, okay?

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