Jon Gosselin Is Seeking GoFundMe Donations to Help Pay for His $30,000 Court Fees

Jon Gosselin
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If you've been keeping up with Jon and Kate's battles over the years, you know things haven't been too great with this former reality couple. And while arguments and back-and-forth squabbles are expected, news that Jon Gosselin is seeking donations on GoFundMe to help pay for his court costs is sad on every level.


Colleen Conrad, Jon's girlfriend, recently set up a GoFundMe fund-raiser called "A Dad's Chance to Fight" that sheds light on not only the father of eight's financial woes, but also on how bad things are between him and Kate.

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Colleen Conrad/GoFundMe

"The family and friends of Jon Gosselin know the loving, caring, devoted father that he is, and they understand his desire to do what is best for his children," Conrad writes on GoFundMe. "Fame and fortune do not always go together, and Jon is the perfect example of that reality. Things are not always as they are portrayed in the tabloids or on television."

She continues:

"Jon does not have a network-funded public relations machine behind him to spin the facts. He works a steady job and earns extra money on the side as a disc jockey. Now he is forced into an expensive unjust battle for custody, one that drains his time, energy and finances. It is a fight he did not seek; it is a fight he does not want. He remains focused on the welfare of his children. He wants to make sure every decision that is made on their behalf is made in their best interest.

"Many people have asked Jon how they could help with his legal fight to win the same rights as other parents: time with his children. This is how. Money raised in this campaign will go to the legal battle ahead as Jon secures his rightful place in the lives of his family."

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One can only hope Jon and Kate can find an inexpensive way to co-parent their eight kids that's as amicable as possible without all of this extra mess. 

... because this is beyond troubling.

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