Kate Middleton's Pregnancy Is Already Causing Quite the Controversy

kate middleton and prince william
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While millions of people the world over are celebrating the news of Prince William and Kate Middleton's third pregnancy, many people in Britain aren't happy about the idea of another royal baby. Outrage broke out on Twitter after it was revealed that the duke and duchess will be having a third child, due to the fact that the British government recently announced that there will be a limit placed on what lower-income families can receive in tax breaks if they have more than two children. 


Earlier on this year, it was announced by the British conservative party that there would be a cap placed on the number of children struggling parents can claim child tax credits to help with the cost of raising them. Parents can now only claim the credits (which can be worth up to $3,500 per year for each child) for their first two kids. If they have any more than that, they're on their own. 

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There are exceptions to this rule regarding adoption, multiple births, kinship care, and rape. If a woman can prove she was raped or was in an abusive relationship, she will be pardoned from the ban. Needless to say, this policy doesn't sit well with people. The public was also outraged that the Tory party (conservative party) congratulated William and Kate on their pregnancy news.

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The government announced the policy months ago, but now that the duke and duchess announced their third, it's seemed to reignite the public's anger. The British are also wondering why they should shell out tax money for William and Kate's baby, but the fact is, the duke and duchess aren't funded by Queen's Sovereign Grant, but instead the Duchy of Cornwall, which is run by Prince Charles. In some ways, it's semantics, as the new policy still doesn't apply to Will and Kate. On the same token, though, it's hard to fault the royal couple for wanting to expand their family. 

Congratulations to William and Kate. Here's to hoping they have another happy, healthy child. Hopefully, they won't be on the receiving end of too much backlash from the public -- because after all, that's what the government is there for. 

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