Kate Middleton's Third Baby Already Has a Name -- If You Ask Royal Betters

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And we're off! It's only been a few days since it was announced that Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting their third child, and bets are already being placed on what the duke and duchess will name their child. While it may seem a little early for this kind of talk, historically speaking, the bookies (and betters) have been pretty dead-on when it comes to royal baby names. 


Online betting service Paddy Power has Alice and Victoria topping the list if the baby is a girl. Alice has 7-1 odds, and Victoria has 10-1 odds. If the baby is a boy, people are putting their money on Arthur and Henry at 10-1.

Other betting sites are listing Elizabeth and Diana as possibilities if the baby is a girl, and James and Philip if the baby is a boy. Elizabeth and Diana are always listed as potential names. It would be a bit surprising to see either name chosen by William and Kate, being that Charlotte's full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. On the same token, though, George's full name is George Alexander Louis, so there certainly is a possibility of the duke and duchess choosing Philip as a first or middle name -- especially given the health of William's grandfather in recent months. 

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A spokesman for Paddy Power said, "Given the recent anniversary [of Princess Diana's death], there'll be plenty of interest in the name Diana if the baby is a girl." Again, though, that would be fairly odd since it's Charlotte's name. (Also, if they were going to name a baby after William's mother, they could have done so already.) Some of the more random names on various betting sites are Donald, Boris, Camilla, Edmund, Anastasia, Beatrice, Rodney, and Ryan. It's hard to envision William and Kate choosing any of those names, but hey, anything is possible. 

The duke and duchess haven't revealed how far along Kate is in her pregnancy, but odds are she's pretty early on -- possibly still in her first trimester -- given that she's still suffering from extreme morning sickness. As time goes on, we'll get a better idea of her due date, and eventually, the name. 

Until then, it's all speculation. And betting. And of course, celebrating.

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