Kate Middleton & Sister Pippa Reportedly Want to Be Pregnant at the Same Time

kate middleton
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Timing is everything. For a while now, rumors have been running rampant that Kate Middleton wants to have another baby. Sources say after the birth of Charlotte, the duchess wanted a third immediately, but William wasn't quite on board yet. Now, though, things have settled down, and it seems the duke and duchess may be ready to try for another. And the timing couldn't be better since Pippa Middleton and James Matthews are reportedly trying, as well. That's right, Kate and Pippa Middleton may be pregnant together.  


"They promised each other they wouldn't even think about having another child until they were mentally ready and it felt right," a source told Us Weekly of William and Kate, adding, "They would love to be pregnant soon." Coincidentally, Pippa, who got married a few months ago, wants to try for a baby now, as well. "Starting a family is something they've spoken about since long before they got married," the insider said of Pippa and her hedge-fund manager husband. 

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If everything works out for the women, they may find themselves pregnant at the same time, which apparently has been something they've talked about since they were young. "It's long been a dream for Kate and Pippa to be pregnant at the same time," a family friend revealed to the mag. "To share that would be amazing." (Yes, amazing for everyone.)

If Kate and Pippa do fall pregnant together, it would certainly be fortuitous for Pippa. After all, her older sister already has two children, who seem to be very well-mannered and well-adjusted. Certainly not a bad person to have on hand for advice at 3 a.m. 

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