Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard Ask Their Fans to Send Them Even More Money

Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar

We have no idea what these two are thinking. After announcing their departure from missionary work in Central America a few weeks ago, Jill (Duggar) and Derick Dillard announced that they would be serving the Lord back in their home state of Arkansas. But do they really need to ask fans yet again to send them more money?


The Counting On stars have faced a lot of criticism in the past two years over their requests for donations from fans for their work in El Salvador, despite not being properly trained missionaries.

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That hasn't seemed to stop them from continuing to ask fans to fund their ministries. Derick recently tweeted a link, where of course he asks for donations.

Derick Dillard Twitter

The dad of two shared that he had "BIG NEWS," and that he'll be serving for a year in a program at his home church, called the Cross Church School of Ministry. He then invited fans to "share in this excitement" with him, by agreeing to donate a total of $6,500.

Derick explained, "This will enable me to fulfill my specific calling to ministry this year, including trips for Gospel-advancement and humanitarian work in Northwest Arkansas, North America, and abroad."

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Fans were quick to jump all over Derick on Twitter, commenting things like, "Truly needed? No disrespect, but why can't you use your earnings from #TLC? As one person said, Jesus never asked for donations for ministry," and, "Why don't you hustle for money and give it to homeless shelters or to veterans in need. Nobody should give you money to travel and pray."

Ouch! Derick and Jill are obviously free to do what they want, but you'd think they'd have learned by now not to ask their fans to fund their projects.

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