16 Crazy Trends the Kardashians Have Started

16 Crazy Trends the Kardashians Have Started
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The Kardashians are nothing if not trendsetters. Or, perhaps it might be more apropos to say that, even if they're not the ones who start the trend, the certainly make it popular AF. Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, you have to admit -- this family has certainly had a major impact on young people today, and their influence can be seen in many areas, from clothing styles to makeup and more.

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This famous fam has popularized so many fascinating trends we see today, we felt like we needed to take a look back and relive them all -- which ones have you caught yourself following? 

Some, of course, are just a tad out there for the everday person. But hey, live and let live!

And come on, admit it: You know it's always interesting to see what these headline-grabbing ladies do -- and wear.

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From athleisurewear paired with mink coats to the tightest bodysuits you ever did see, here are 16 trends the Kardashian ladies have staked their claim in big time. 

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