Derick Dillard Starts a Twitter Feud Amongst His Followers

Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar

There he goes, ruffling feathers again. Derick Dillard has pretty much proven that he has no idea how to act on social media, but rather than leave his account alone, he keeps coming back to offend anyone and everyone who has different beliefs than he does.


Jill Duggar's husband made headlines several weeks ago for cyberbullying a 16-year-old transgender girl, Jazz Jennings. He called her TLC reality show fake, and declared that gender was God-ordained. He then responded to critics by deliberately mis-gendering her.

According to insiders, the incident was a big enough deal to the network that also hosts Counting On (the reality show that pays Derick's bills) that TLC is considering firing him. Or at least severaly downplaying his family's role in the series.

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You'd think this would be enough to get Derick to be a little kinder and gentler with his words, but not so much. During the solar eclipse this week, the dad of two tweeted, "On a day when so many will be looking to the sun, let's not miss the Son. #SolarEclipse2017 #EclipseSolar #JesusChrist."

OK, fine, that's pretty innocuous, given his Christian faith. However, when confronted by a non-believing fan who said, "The difference being that #SolarEclipse2017 is actually verifiable & #JesusChrist is not," Derick got pretty defensive and condescending.

Derick Dillard Twitter

Did you hear that, random person on Twitter? It's a FACT. Note to Derick -- that's hardly "putting it gently." Of course Derick just stirred the pot for his followers, who then started a thread dozens of posts long over whether or not Jesus was a real person, and if He was, whether He was the son of God or not. 

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We get that Derick believes the Bible, and believes Jesus is Lord. But maybe he could learn to be a tad more respectful to his followers. Just a thought.

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