Jenelle Evans Calls Cops on Her Mom for Drinking & Driving With Jace

jenelle evans and son jace

Some things are guaranteed in life -- and Barbara and Jenelle Evans having a tumultuous relationship are among those things. The two women have never gotten along, but in a sneak peek for next week's episode of Teen Mom 2, things reach an all-time low between Babs and Jenelle. While Jace is in her care, Barbara is caught drinking and driving -- by David Eason. And, understandably, Jenelle goes ballistic on her mom. 


In next week's episode, Jenelle tells producer Kristen about what happened with her mother. Apparently, Jenelle wanted to pick up Jace, who was in her mother's care, and Barbara told her that she couldn't because it was Cinco de Mayo and she was going out with friends. (Not really sure about the logic there.)

"We're getting the car and going to the Mexican restaurant. When David was inside he saw her drinking wine and took pictures from far away, my mom didn't see him," Jenelle tells Kristen. "I said 'I'm going in there because I don't know if she's going to drink and drive.'" Jenelle then goes on to say that, after she confronts her mother, Barbara tells her that she took "one sip of wine," as the drink was just put down on the table.

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"After that I went back to her house, knocked on the door, no one answered. Knocked again, no one answered," Jenelle continues. "David looked in the window of the garage and saw my mom's car in there."

Naturally, the police were called (by Jenelle) and a classic Barbara-Jenelle argument ensued. "She opens [the door for the cops] and says 'I don't want her on my property.' After not answering the door for two hours!" Jenelle reveals. 

After that, Barbara stopped answering Jenelle's phone calls and texts, so obviously things aren't good between the two. Shocker. 

Going off of their history, Jenelle and Barbara are never going to get along. But hopefully, for Jace's sake, they can at least find a way to be civil to one another. Because this is just getting cray.  

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