Celine Dion's Response to an Insensitive Question About Her Love Life Is Perfect

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No matter how inquisitive tea drinkers and the nosy alike are, there are certain questions you simply do not ask someone. You don't ask the newly sober if they feel like a drink and you certainly don't ask a widow how she's doing in the romance department.

Luckily Celine Dion had the perfect response to an inconsiderate reporter who asked about dating after the Grammy award winner spoke about life without her late husband.

  • Celine admits she "went through a lot" after losing her husband and brother in 2016, just days apart.

    "At this time of my life, going back a few years back when it was so hard, I feel as though I can spread my wings," the 49-year-old revealed at an event in Montreal, Canada.

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    Rene Angelil, Celine's husband of 21 years and father of her children (Rene-Charles, 16, and twins Nelson and Eddy, 6), died January 14, 2016, after battling cancer. Tragically, Celine's brother Daniel died two days later after losing his own battle with cancer.

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  • Still, some wonderful person -- knowing Celine just opened up about her beloved husband -- thought a question about her love life was a good idea.

  • Celine did not miss a beat with her response, as the singer threw major side-eye before belting out an impromptu rendition of Rihanna's "Diamonds."

  • Needless to say, folks are giving a standing ovation to Celine's performance.

  • Because asking a widow who just spoke about her deceased husband how her dating life is going lacks sensitivity and is a special kind of stupid.

  • While some might consider Celine's singing response random and crazy, what's *really* random and crazy is the question that prompted such a reaction.

  • Do better.

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