Kim Kardashian Has Had It With Taylor Swift's Fans Spamming Her

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Whether you love her or hate her, there's one thing we can all agree on about Taylor Swift: She likes to get even with anyone she thinks has wronged her. Her latest victim? Kim Kardashian. On Wednesday, Taylor teased her sixth album, Reputation, and in the short promo video there's a slithering snake that looks like it's about to bite the screen. Shortly after the teaser went online, Taylor's fans started spamming Kim with snake emojis. And, not surprisingly, Kim isn't having it. 


For anyone who's confused, let's back up a bit. Last year, after Kim released an audio recording of Taylor agreeing to let Kanye West reference her in a song ("I feel like me and Taylor still might have sex ..."), people started spamming Taylor's social media pages with the snake emoji as a means of calling her out for being, well, a liar. Taylor long maintained that she was angry with Kanye for using her name in his song when in fact she appeared to have told him it was okay. Not cool. 

Kim's release of the recording on Snapchat caused a huge backlash for Taylor and, understandably, a major rift between the trio. Since then, Taylor has kept a fairly low profile on social media and in general, but now it appears it's because she's been hard at work at an album (an album that very well may take shots and Kim and Kanye.)

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But back to Kim's spam. After Taylor revealed the news, fans started blasting Kim with snake emojis left and right. 

kim kardashian

kim kardashian

kim kardashian

From the looks of things, Kim has blocked the snake emoji from her social media accounts, as it no longer seems to be appearing. And hey, who can blame her?

Things could get interesting when Taylor's album is released, as you know she'll be throwing Kim and Kanye some shade. The real question is, though: Will Kim and Kanye respond or just let it be? After the year they had in 2016, our money's on the latter. Onward and upward, people. 

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