Prince Harry Gave Meghan Markle Surprise of a Lifetime While on Holiday

prince harry
Ikon London/Splash News

The latest news about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is just too sweet to contain and has us wondering if they got engaged. That's right -- engaged! Harry and Meghan jetted off to Botswana for a three-week holiday. Couples go on vacation all the time, but the details surrounding this trip make us think something major has been planned. Plus, a little birdie is sharing secrets.


Here are the details. Meghan and Harry arrived in Botswana on August 4. That day was also Meghan's birthday -- she turned 36. Harry had what sources say was a "small, surprise celebration" ready for her there. And because Harry has a lot of friends in Botswana -- a place that is like a second home to him -- he was also introducing her to these important people in his life for the first time. It was reported that Meghan was "speechless and so touched" by Harry's surprise. As if three weeks in Botswana wasn't enough! We love that Harry is so thoughtful. What an incredible birthday! And there's more .... 

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The engagement detail wrapped into this birthday celebration comes from two sources to US Weekly who said that Harry was tight-lipped on how and when he was going to propose to his girlfriend. But, it was stressed that August was the month he wanted to do it. This month marks the 20th anniversary of his mother's death, and having a happy celebration would certainly bring joy into his life during a time that is emotionally challenging. It's quite beautiful that it is also the month of Meghan's birth. 

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These sources who dished on this rumored proposal also have some very specific details, leading us to think it really is solid information. Harry is said to have been working with a jeweler to craft a ring with diamonds from one of Princess Diana's brooches. If true, this is truly a beautiful thing to do. We love how romantic and sentimental Harry is -- and he and Meghan really seem like a lovely couple. 

Still, we shouldn't expect a big announcement from the royals any time soon even if Harry got on one knee to pop the question. We know she'll say yes -- right? If it did happen, Harry is said to want to keep the big news quiet so he and Meghan can enjoy their time together without all the media getting involved. And yes, here we are writing about it, but it will be a blockbuster if and when an official statement is released. So for now, we'll just continue to dream and wonder ... and pretend we're Meghan.  

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