Audrey Roloff Stands by Her Marriage-Advice Book Even Though People Are Calling BS

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff
Audrey Roloff/Facebook

When you're a newlywed, there's no mountaintop you wouldn't climb to declare your love to the world. Some couples post mushy photo after photo on social media, and others hope to spread their wedded feels ... through a book.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff's marriage journal has come under some pretty heavy fire, as not everyone feels this happily married couple has enough years in the game to give advice.

  • "Navigator's Council: A Marriage Journal" is a resource Audrey and Jeremy created for married couples to use to stay on track.

    The journal, available for sale on the Roloffs' Beating 50 Percent website, aims to "create a healthy rhythm of communication" while "inspiring honesty and transparency" and fostering forgiveness.


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  • Fans seems to be in love with Audrey and Jeremy's marriage tool and can't help but sing its praises.

  • But not everyone is down with Audrey and Jeremy, who married in 2014, selling a marriage guide, and critics had no problem letting the mom-to-be know.

    "Will you join Jeremy and I in committing to giving all of yourself to your MARRIAGE?" Audrey Roloff wrote on a May 19 Facebook post. "We developed this resource for you, to better the communication in your relationship .... We hope that you will take this commitment as a step towards a better than average marriage today."

  • Some folks have an issue with "taking advice from newbies" and feel Jeremy and Audrey are trying to capitalize on their fame.

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  • And others consider such an effort from "married-three-minute jerks" laughable.

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  • Others, however, don't mind the tips and applaud the Roloffs for creating a journal -- regardless of how long they've been married.

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  • Seeing as Audrey is still promoting her marriage journal on Instagram, it's safe to say she's unbothered.

    Would you take advice from these two?

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