12 Celebrity Onscreen Feuds That Totally Continued Offscreen

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Many of us have obsessed over an onscreen face-off between characters before. Their drama fuels the plot line of a favorite show or film and we can't get enough of it. Drama can be annoying, but it's also enticing when it's not our own. However, sometimes that drama isn't always just acting. Sometimes a celebrity feud that started onscreen can end up happening in real life too.


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A lot of the times when stars fight behind the scenes, someone may get hurt -- or even fired! From snide Internet comments to physical blows, sometimes who they're pinned up against behind the cameras effects reality. Whether the arguments are work-related or personal, many of the feuds last longer than filming does. 

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Of course, sometimes a celebrity feud isn't as big of a deal as it seems to be, but the ones on this list got pretty serious for the most part. People probably shouldn't expect to see any of these costars working together again anytime soon.

Here are 12 onscreen feuds that carried over into real life.