12 Celebrity Onscreen Feuds That Totally Continued Offscreen

Kayla Boyd | Aug 23, 2017 Celebrities
12 Celebrity Onscreen Feuds That Totally Continued Offscreen
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Many of us have obsessed over an onscreen face-off between characters before. Their drama fuels the plot line of a favorite show or film and we can't get enough of it. Drama can be annoying, but it's also enticing when it's not our own. However, sometimes that drama isn't always just acting. Sometimes a celebrity feud that started onscreen can end up happening in real life too.

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A lot of the times when stars fight behind the scenes, someone may get hurt -- or even fired! From snide Internet comments to physical blows, sometimes who they're pinned up against behind the cameras effects reality. Whether the arguments are work-related or personal, many of the feuds last longer than filming does. 

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Of course, sometimes a celebrity feud isn't as big of a deal as it seems to be, but the ones on this list got pretty serious for the most part. People probably shouldn't expect to see any of these costars working together again anytime soon.

Here are 12 onscreen feuds that carried over into real life. 

  • Jenni Garth and Tiffani Thiessen

    Jenni Garth and Tiffani Thiessen
    Gregg DeGuire/GettyImages

    Tiffani Thiessen thought she had "found a lifelong friend" in her Beverly Hills, 90210 costar Jennie Garth, according to US Weekly. The two didn't get along when they first met, but then became best friends. However, the friendship didn't last. The article states that according to Thiessen, "We had a falling out and we grew apart." No one has ever gone into specifics, but Thiessen claims "I was the one who was hurt."

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  • Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty

    Jennie Garth, Shannen Doherty, and Ian Ziering
    Jen Lowery/Splash News

    Jennie Garth has also had a long-standing feud with her Beverly Hills, 90210 costar Shannen Doherty. In an interview with E! News, the actress confirmed the rumors of their off-screen feud and said there were "times when we wanted to claw each other's eyes out." She went a little more into detail, explaining, "It was more of just young girls finding their way and finding their individual voices. Shannen and I are both Aries women, we're both very strong, independent women, so we butt heads a lot.

  • Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi

    Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi
    CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

    In their show The Good Wife, Panjabi's character Kalinda slept with the husband of Julianna Marguilies's character Alicia, and Alicia obviously wasn't happy about it. But in real life, the drama was also pretty intense -- so much so that after they fell out off-screen too, they almost never shared the screen together again. Their very last scene together was actually done as a split screen with body doubles.

    According to Vogue, Margulies addressed the issue by saying they didn't film together due to Panjabi's schedule with another show. However, Panjabi set the record straight on Twitter saying she was actually "in New York ready to film the scene!"

  • Jamie Foxx and LL Cool J

    Jamie Foxx and LL Cool J
    AdMedia/Splash News

    Jamie Foxx and LL Cool J physically fought onscreen for Any Given Sunday, but it carried over after the cameras were rolling as well. According to MTV, LL Cool J was method acting and continued to beat up Foxx after the director called cut on a fight scene. This led to assault charges being filed. 

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  • James Franco and Tyrese Gibson


    They were rivals in the film Annapolis, but the rivalry didn't end there. After filming this movie, Tyrese was furious with Franco, saying that after dealing with Franco's method acting, he never wants to work with him again, according to Hollywood.com.

    Franco eventually apologized, saying, "Maybe I was too into that role. I don't try to be mean to anybody on a movie. In the past I've tended to isolate (myself), and maybe people take that as me being rude or me not liking them, but it's really a way for me to stay in my character."

  • Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano


    It would appear that Doherty isn't the easiest to work with. After her 90210 drama, she had issues on the set of Charmed. She and her onscreen sisters often bickered on the series, but in real life it got even more serious for Alyssa Milano. According to the Huffington Post, Milano compared the drama onset to that of being in high school. Although she didn't go deep into detail, the offscreen arguing got bad enough to the point where Doherty was killed off on the show and wasn't even seen in flashbacks. 

  • Vin Diesel and The Rock

    Vin Diesel and The Rock

    If you've seen the fifth installment of Fast and Furious then you remember the epic fight scene between Vin Diesel and The Rock. Although they eventually resolved things in the series for a while (until Dom turned on Hobbs again in the eighth movie), things aren't as smooth in real life. The two reportedly feuded all throughout the filming. In an infamous Instagram comment, The Rock referred to Diesel at "candy ass." According to a Vulture source, Diesel "made decisions that didn't sit well with the former wrestling champ.”

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  • Bette Davis and Joan Crawford


    The '60s horror film What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? featured two rival sisters that ended up hating each other in real life. Although we don't know how it all started, their conflict is one of the most iconic Hollywood feuds to this day.

  • Lindsay Lohan and America Ferrera


    In Ugly Betty Lindsay guest starred as Kimmie, one of Betty's old high school enemies. Apparently, the two also became enemies in real life because Lindsay ended up cutting her number of episode appearances from six to four due to an offscreen conflict with America. Reports have gone both ways, with Lindsay's sources saying that America was mean to her and America's sources saying that Lindsay was unprofessional. 

  • Lea Michele and Naya Rivera


    Their characters on Glee have been in constant feud since the beginning. According to Cosmopolitan, their onscreen drama eventually turned into real-life fighting. Apparently, Naya was almost fired from Glee because of a major fight with Lea, which has since been denied. However, it has been mentioned more than once that Lea's diva attitude resulted in some tarnished relationships. 

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  • Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman


    The couple in Kramer vs. Kramer was divorced and fighting for custody onscreen, and things weren't much better offscreen either. In her biography Her Again: Becoming Meryl Streep, she said Hoffman, a method actor, slapped her across the face during a fight scene and often taunted her about real-life issues, such as her late boyfriend. 

  • Leighton Meester and Taylor Momsen


    Blair and Jenny definitely had their fair share of drama on Gossip Girl. According to Teen.com, the fact that both of these ladies loved to do music in addition to act caused some rivalry offscreen too. There was a time in the show when Leighton's music was featured, but Taylor's was not. Taylor was no longer on the show after season 4, and we wonder if all the drama had anything to do with it?  


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