Fans Are Freaking Out Over Jinger Duggar's Latest Selfie

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo

Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo has been having a blast with her husband of nine months, Jeremy Vuolo. She's been documenting their adventures on her Instagram account, and clearly, they've made the right decision to put off having kids for at least a little bit.


Of course every time she posts a selfie, fans scrutinize her waistline and try and decide if she's hiding a baby bump or not. This time, however, fans noticed something else -- and they're pretty concerned.

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Jinger looks thinner than ever in her latest couple photo with her hubs, and people are pretty concerned for her health. She posted a mirror pic, and decided to forgo a caption. They've been in Los Angeles for a few days (according to the rest of their social media), and it looks like this cute pic was snapped while waiting for an elevator, possibly from their hotel.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo

While the majority of comments praised the good-looking couple, there were several that seemed pretty concerned for Jinger's health. One person wrote, "You're looking really thin. I hope you're staying safe and healthy," and another added, "Girl u loosing [sic] weight, eat u some more food. Life is short and don't be hungry girl."

Other comments included, "Wow. You look really skinny," "Getting thin!!," and, "I hope she is eating."

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Jinger does look thinner than usual in this photo, but she also looks happy and healthy. She's always been on the thin side anyway, so even if she dropped a couple pounds for whatever reason, it's bound to show up more on her slight frame. And it could always be a camera angle thing!

Of course you never know. Maybe she's lost a few lbs due to morning sickness ... stranger things have happened. Whatever the reason for Jinger looking skinnier than ever, we just hope she's staying healthy.

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