Kim Kardashian's Pic With Her Kids Might Be the Sweetest Thing Ever

kim kardashian bandeau top
XactpiX/Splash News

Many of Kim Kardashian's actions are called into question. Being a celebrity, maybe she's used to it. People have spoken negatively about her lifestyle, her fashion choices, and her parenting. One thing, however, that is very clear to us is that Kim is a great mom ... and one look at her latest Instagram post proves just that. 


On the day of Eclipse 2017, Kim posted this incredibly sweet photo of her and her babies with the words: "Total eclipse of the heart."

kim saint and north

This gives us all the feels. It's unclear who took the photo (or if Kim has a selfie stick and a magical way of holding it), but this is exactly the kind of snapshot every mom wants -- and should have. It's a moment in time when snuggled tight with your sweet ones. It's captures the very essence of motherhood. 

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Kim and Saint are both in their camo shorts and that precious look on North's face melts me. (Her hair in those buns is also completely adorable.) And of course, there's Kim ... full on smooch mode, kids in both arms. I think this is exactly how I fell asleep last night (with way less perfect hair). Still, that reminds me ... we shouldn't compare. We are all different, with different backgrounds and situations. But our hearts all beat, we are all human, and within us all is love. And a mother's love, well, that's just above and beyond.

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This is a moment when all moms can relate to Kim. This is a moment when moms can all stop to recognize that we are all doing the best we can with what we have. Motherhood is a bond, and we all have a sense of knowing exactly what Kim was feeling when this snap was taken. And that's the purest love a mom feels for her children. This is a photo of the real Kim.

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