Jessa Duggar Gets Scolded by Fans for Spurgeon's Bad Habit

Spurgeon Seewald, Jessa Duggar Son

Geez, Jessa (Duggar) Seewald can't do anything right when it comes to feeding her toddler son. Last week she was destroying the planet by giving him plastic utensils, and now it seems like she's somehow developmentally damaging him by allowing him to still have a bottle.


The Duggar family posted a cute picture of 21-month-old Spurgeon on their official Facebook page, and the judgy comments started rolling in immediately. You know, because bottles are for babies, and babies only, apparently.

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They captioned the photo with, "This little guy was prepared with two bottles!" and a winky face emoji, and he sure does look ready to take on the world!

Spurgeon Seewald bottle
Duggar Family Official/Facebook

Of course you know fans had an opinion about a toddler still having a bottle. One person commented, "He a little too big to still have a bottle." Another added, "Time to take them away sweetie." Ah yes, nothing more condescending than adding a "sweetie" to your judgment.

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Thankfully, the majority of followers seem to think Jessa is going just fine raising her little boy, bottles and all. We're sure Spurge will wean in time -- bit for now, he's just fine keeping a few baby habits.

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