Anna Duggar May Have Secretly Given Birth to Her Fifth Child

Anna Duggar
Duggar Family Official/Facebook

Anna Duggar is due to give birth to her fifth child any day now ... that is, unless she already has. Fans are speculating that Josh Duggar's wife has already given birth to their newest addition -- and that they're keeping it under wraps for the time being.


The couple announced last March that they were expecting their fifth child, a boy. They said that they'd been working to rebuild their marriage after Josh's multiple sex scandals in 2015, and that "beauty comes from the ashes" in regard to the sweet new life Anna was carrying.

Five months later, fans are wondering why we haven't heard anything about the little guy's arrival. According to The Hollywood Gossip, some people are even speculating that Anna has already secretly given birth.

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Anna has kept a pretty low profile on social media in the two years since Josh went to rehab for his sex addiction. She hasn't updated her own Instagram account at all, and Josh flat-out deleted his (probably a good idea), and pictures of her have been few and far between on the family's official pages. 

The last time we saw or heard anything about Anna was in June, when the fam took a trip to the Silver Dollar City amusement park in Missouri. leading some people to believe that they've already welcomed their new baby, but have chosen to keep the event out of the spotlight.

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It's entirely possible, as Anna is no stranger to home births. She's even let TLC film bits and pieces of her giving birth at home, and given that this is her fifth child, we're sure she could manage the feat again, probably with her eyes closed and one hand tied behind her back. She's just a rock star like that.

Considering all the crap she's been through with her husband, and then the subsequent media scrutiny, in the past two years, would anyone blame her for wanting to keep quiet about the birth of her son? She may just want to enjoy him by herself for a little bit.

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