Jim Bob Duggar May Not Be as Virtuous as He Wants Us to Believe

Jim Bob Duggar, Michelle Duggar

Jim Bob Duggar likes to give off the aura that he's a paragon of virtue, but does he really give in to his own desires of excess? According to a source close to the family, Jim Bob apparently enjoys frivolous spending, and could even be considered something of a "high-class hoarder."


A source told The Hollywood Gossip, "Jim Bob has a lot of money in property ... And he buys stuff, junk. He goes to these auctions and comes back with truckloads of chairs, and just whatever. He's a high-class hoarder, I think."

We know he owns at least a couple of used car dealerships, several properties, and enough "stuff" for his giant family, but does that make him a hoarder?

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The insider said that it's enough that he's found himself in trouble with the neighbors and local authorities from time to time. "Jim Bob will stash cars somewhere until someone complains, then he'll move them somewhere else until a different person complains," they confirmed. "He has a lot of codes that he breaks -- putting in plumbing, and water, and sewer. He just goes about and does what he wants to do. Jim Bob really acts like he's above the law."

It's something that not even his wife Michelle, or constable son John-David, seems to be able to stop. Speaking about Michelle, the source said that "a lot of the time her hands are tied, being the submissive woman she's supposed to be."

John-David, 27, is a constable in nearby Springville, Arkansas, and the insiders revealed, "There are certain things [John David] can't get involved with. He kind of lets Jim Bob know how far he can bend the law."

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All of this seems like pretty minor stuff, until you consider that JB has set himself up as the keeper of Christian law for his family, especially in terms of living frugally. How many times have we heard Michelle talk about how she feeds such a large brood on a budget?

We hate to think that all that money saved just went toward Jim Bob's spending habits. The source said, "He swears he doesn't chase that dollar, but he definitely does ... If he wasn't always chasing that dollar, I don't know how he'd make it."

We don't know how he'd make it either ... it's not like he's had a paycheck coming in from TLC for years.

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