Jessa Duggar Gets Hate for Posting Video of Spurgeon Eating Dinner

Spurgeon Seewald, Jessa Duggar Son

How is it possible that little Spurgeon Seewald is already a little boy? Wasn't he just born yesterday? Jessa (Duggar) Seewald shared a new video of her little boy, and he is already feeding himself one of the family's favorite meals.


The Duggar clan loves their pasta, so it's no surprise that Spurgie comes by his penchant for spaghetti naturally. And boy does he seem to love it by the way he's devouring it!

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Oh, how he loves his spaghetti. ��

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Surprisingly, most of the feedback on Jessa's Instagram account has been super positive. The vast majority of comments on her video are just about how adorable the toddler is, and even how skilled he is in getting the fork from his plate to his mouth.

"Spurgie is the cutest kid ever!" wrote one person, while another joked, "He is better with a fork than my 7 year old is- lol ha ha." Someone also pointed out that he favors Jessa's side of the family, saying, "He is so beautiful!! Looks like his mama!!"

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Of course, haters gonna hate, so there were comments about his disposable dishes and flatware. One planet-friendly comment read, "Please try and use reusable eco friendly plates. Styrofoam is detrimental to the environment."

Eh, maybe it's not the most eco-friendly, but we do the best we can when we have toddlers. 

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