Fans Think Kourtney Kardashian Is Spending Too Much Time Away From Her Kids

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Kourtney Kardashian is dating Younes Bendjima, a boxer-turned-model who is 14 years her junior. The couple has been traveling a lot together, mostly to places where bathing suits are the only clothing option. Some fans (and foes) have a major issue with Kourtney and Younes together and it has nothing to do with the fact that he's 24 and she's 38.


Kourt is being mom shamed for spending time kid-free. As if mothers aren't allowed to have any me-time or interests of their own, Kourtney is dealing with haters who think her spending time away from her kids and having some alone time with her boyfriend is a bad thing. You all see this is wrong, right?

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Yes, they have been traveling a lot (good for them!), but let's talk about what "a lot" means. Kourt hasn't been gallivanting for weeks at a time and leaving her kids who random folks who aren't giving them any love. In fact, it's very clear that Kourtney has been spending most of all her days being a mom to her three kids on a majorly full-time basis since her children's father isn't exactly known for his dependability in that department. (You want to talk about traveling and "forgetting" you're a parent, look no further than Scott Disick.) Kourt's kids have a very loving and involved extended family that they clearly love spending time with as well. So what if Mom takes a little break from her kids every now and then? It should be mandatory that all moms get this kind of break here and there in order to recharge. (Wishful, but true.)

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Time away from your kids is time well spent -- and it provides the ultimate boost to help you be a better mom. Kourtney met someone that she is clearly having some fun with and she deserves that. She shouldn't be shamed for living her life, especially when it's clear she is a rock-solid mom who is truly devoted to her kids. Sure, we may not be able to afford jaunting off to exotic places without our kids, but a solo trip to get a coffee or a manicure is the equivalent on a non-Kardashian level. 

Kourtney doesn't deserve any hate for this -- we wish her nothing but the best ... and want to add -- Go, Mama! 

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