Duggar Family Accused of Insulting Kendra Caldwell on Her Birthday

Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell
Duggar Family Official/Facebook

Another day, another reason for people to pick on the Duggars. This time critics of the family got upset with how they wished Kendra Caldwell happy birthday. Apparently, they went about wishing Joseph Duggar's fiancée the big 1-9 in completely the wrong way.


The family added three photos of Joe and Kendra to their Facebook page on August 11, and wished the young bride-to-be a happy 19th birthday. They wrote, "Happy Birthday, Kendra! You are such a precious young lady! We hope you have a great birthday!!" and even added a few celebration emojis for good measure.

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Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell
Duggar Family Official/Facebook

You'd think it was pretty innocuous, but some fans jumped on the post and decried its generic, infantilizing nature. Not only do the Duggars apparently not know enough about Miss Caldwell to include something specific to her as a person, they also won't even let her keep her autonomy.

"I was disappointed all the photos are her and Joseph, not even one of just her alone," one fan commented, according to In Touch Weekly. Another pointed out,"This just adds a whole new level to the fact that the women in this cult are treated like the possessions of men." Still another wrote, "It's infantilizing, is what it is. Women and children get called 'precious' all the time -- I can't recall a single instance of someone in the Duggar family talking about a 'precious young man.'"

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We're pretty sure they're referring Psalm 3:15 which reads, "She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her." It totally changes the meaning of precious from "cute" to "valuable," but you know, whatever. Haters gonna hate.

At least it's better than how they wished Anna Duggar a happy birthday last summer. They praised her for being the family servant and doing chores without complaining. Yup, that happened.

Welcome to the family, Kendra.

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