People Are Losing It Over a Hashtag Ellen Pompeo Used in Regard to Race & Diversity

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Ellen Pompeo
Xavier Collin/IPA/Splash News

The white supremacist events that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 11 and 12 will forever leave a stain on our nation's history and how we, as Americans, proceed with life going forward. And as many continue to have much-needed conversations about race and equality -- conversations often swept under the rug to promote the fallacy of living in a post-racial America -- people feel emboldened to effect change and stand up to bigotry of all kind.

Ellen Pompeo's Charlottesville Instagram response is drawing fire as some believe the Grey's Anatomy star is promoting the very sentiments she's trying to condemn.

  • The mom of three shared this pic on Instagram with the caption "When people don't realize this is the future" and the hashtag #allthebabiesarebrown.

    Ellen is the proud mom to daughters Stella, 7, Sienna, 2, and her newest addition, son Eli, 8 months, with hubby Chris Ivery -- and has never shied away from raising her biracial children to embrace their blackness.

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  • Many of Ellen's fans fully embraced this mom's sentiments ...

  • ... and are praising the actress for standing up for her children during a time of racial intolerance.

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  • Others took the time to remind us that diversity *is* normal and should be embraced -- not feared or hated.

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  • Yes to equality of all kind!

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  • Unfortunately, some interpret Ellen's use of #allthebabiesarebrown to be intolerant of any child who *doesn't* have brown skin ...

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  • ... and feel Pompeo is somehow implying it's bad when you don't have children with someone of a different race.

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    "No one said it's wrong to marry within your race," one Instagram commenter responded to this assumption. "Racists are saying it's wrong to marry outside of it."

  • Well, that escalated quickly.

  • Given supremacists entertain the idea of white-only states, it's safe to assume Ellen's post is a clapback to folks disgusted by diversity.

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    "The opposition to intermarriage. The creation of their own state. The recreation of their language. This is the greatest triumph of racial idealism in history," Sam Dickson, an advocate for white-only states and legal counsel for the KKK, said in 2015, according to the Huffington Post. ".... White people, as we've become a minority, will not be able to live in a state of severe repression and discrimination."

  • Luckily, people in Ellen's corner came to her defense in an effort to shine a light on the symbolism of #allthebabiesarebrown.

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  • Experts believe the face of America will change over the next few decades, resulting in no one ethnic group being the majority of the population.

    This inevitable transformation alone is likely enough to make any white supremacist feel angered, as interracial mixing is here to stay.


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