Actor Taunts Kanye West by Posting Photo of Himself Locking Lips With Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian and kanye west
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Don't mess with Yeezy. A Disney channel alum, Raviv "Ricky" Ullman, recently posted a photo of Kim Kardashian to Instagram, where the two were locking lips. Apparently, the photo of Kim and Ricky kissing was from a TV pilot that never wound up being picked up. The photos are cute and silly and fun and throwback-y, but Ricky's hashtag to Kanye may be seen as otherwise. 


Raviv, who starred in the show Phil of the Future, posted a few photos from the pilot to Instagram, along with the caption, "As the world burns, here's an insane throwback from 2007 where I played a douchey VJ with awful sideburns for MTV and @kimkardashian played my girlfriend. Ellie Kemper played my boss and Adam Pally was hilarious in it. The sh*t you find on hard drives ..."

kim kardashian ricky ullman

kim kardashian raviv ricky ullman

kim kardashian raviv ullman

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Crazy! The kicker though is the hashtag Raviv originally had next to the photo: #kanyegotmysloppyseconds. 


Raviv has since taken the hashtag down and even issued an apology on Twitter. 

raviv ullman

All good, guys. He was just joking. 

With everything that's been going on in the world, there are far more important things to freak out about than a Disney Channel alum's post about Kim Kardashian from back in the day. But that said, probably not a bad idea that he took the hashtag down. Joking or not, li'l disrespectful. 

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