Kim Kardashian Admits She Broke the Law When She Was a Kid

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Tsk tsk. In a new post on her website, Kim Kardashian admitted to shoplifting when she was 11 years old with pal Nicole Richie. The beauty mogul, who recently earned upwards of $14 million on her cosmetics line KKW Beauty, doesn't remember the exact color the lipstick was, but apparently is was a "brown shade from Revlon."


"When Nicole Richie and I were around 11, we went into a drugstore in Malibu and took lipstick," she wrote in the post. "We thought we were so badass!" Apparently, Kim was going through a "wild" phase at the time, and since she didn't drink or do drugs, this is how she got her kicks. "I wasn't much of a partier growing up, so this was about as rebellious as I got," she revealed. 

kim kardashian and nicole richie

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Despite the fact that what she did was wrong, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star chalks her shoplifting up to her love of all things makeup. "I've always been really interested in beauty," she said. "It definitely began with my mom and [grandma] MJ -- they always took such amazing care of their skin and wanted to look their best."

Understandly, not everyone was amused. 


Everyone has done stupid things when they're young, so people shouldn't give Kim too much crap about this. But of course, being that she's Kim, they will. 

Obviously Kim knows that what she did wasn't right, but again, she was 11 at the time, so it's definitely time to move on. And hey, if it's really eating at her conscious, she can certainly drive down to that drugstore in Malibu and pay them back for the lipstick, plus interest. That's, like, what? What she earns in three minutes?

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