Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo Might Be Too Scared to Have Their Own Kids

Jeremy Vuolo, Spurgeon Seewald, Henry Seewald

Jinger (Duggar) and Jeremy Vuolo have been married for nine months already, but still no sign of a little one on the way. If the new promo for next season of Counting On is any indication, it may be a while yet before they decide to begin their family.


In the TLC promo for the show, it's pretty clear that Jinge and Jer may not quite be on the baby train yet. So far, Jinger's been married the longest out of Jim Bob and Michelle's kids without announcing a pregnancy, so it's pretty unusual that we haven't seen her sporting a baby bump yet.

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Maybe it's all those nieces and nephews keeping them from procreating for the time being. In this clip, Jessa (Duggar) and Ben Seewald visit the Vuolos in Laredo, Texas, and bring their sons Spurgeon and Henry along.

At 1½ years old and 6 months old, the boys are a bit of a handful, especially as the two couples attempted to go out to dinner. "Henry's personality is just really intense," said Ben, while Jessa chimed in, "He cries really loud." While at the table, Spurgeon screeched out loud, and Jeremy's jaw pretty much hit the floor in the way only a non-parent's jaw can.

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"Does it make you guys want to have kids or no?" an off-camera producer asked the couple, who could only look at each other before the camera cut away. "Parenting is hard work!" exclaimed Jeremy during the dinner scene.

Of course we're sure they'll decide it's worth it sooner rather than later. Jinger has never been shy about her plans to become a mom some day. Honestly, it's a little refreshing to see them take a little bit of time for themselves before adding kids to the mix. 

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