Fans Catch Katy Perry With Ex Orlando Bloom -- & Naturally We're Suspicious

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom
Splash News; Sonia Moskowitz / ZUMA Press / Splash News

The streets have always been known to talk, but this time, they are serving some major tea and bringing every receipt in the register. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were caught getting close at an Ed Sheeran concert on August 12 in LA, which has left the Internet and nosy folk alike wondering if these two are on the fast track to becoming an item (again).

  • Twitter user @_monthse was out enjoying Sheeran's concert when she noticed Katy and Orlando together in plain view.

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  • Not only did this concertgoer bequeath video confirmation of Orlando at the event ...

  • ... she got the receipts for Ms. Katy, too.

  • The fan also snapped pics of the two getting seemingly cozy together, sparking rumors Ka-Bloom might be alive and well.

    "Katy and Orlando aren't back together, but they have history and are open to seeing what happens," a source told People -- that's not saying much, but is kinda saying something.

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    The Grammy nominee and the Pirates of the Caribbean star dated for just shy of a year before calling it quits in February. 

  • We aren't even mad.

  • In case you needed more "proof," Twitter user @_monthse alleges these maybe-more-than-friends definitely had a good night at Ed Sheeran's concert.

  • Alright now!

  • Who knows if this concert sighting means Katy and Orlando are really getting back together. If they are, we're totally here for it.

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