Kate Middleton Apparently Isn't into the Whole Being Queen Thing

kate middleton
Retropix/Splash News

With the news that Kate Middleton may be crowned Queen of England when Queen Elizabeth's reign is over also comes more details on how this is sitting with the Duchess of Cambridge. Those in the know are saying that Kate is a little uneasy about getting this crown and all the responsibility that comes with it. And if you know anything about Kate, you know she's concerned about two things in particular -- her two kids.


Kate and her children -- Prince George and Princess Charlotte -- are going to be in the public eye for their entire lives. But there are added duties that comes with being Queen, and of course with Prince William being King. Commoners can think of it as a massive job promotion -- with it comes more hours, more exposure, and more people really depending on you to make the big decisions. All of which could mean less time with family. As a very hands-on mom, that's not something Kate wants. 

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If Kate is Queen, would this mean the kids may be private schooled (or at least the royals-that-be may push that upon them)? This may cause friction within the castle. Or perhaps Kate will create new rules and she, along with Will, will reign in a more modern way. What does this mean if Will and Kate want to have more kids? Would that change anything? One thing is certain -- when Kate is Queen, she will be QUEEN to the fullest. 

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As of now, this happening is just talk ... though insiders report that Will and Kate are the King and Queen of the near future. Her Royal Highness, however, is just 91 years young (and is in good health and incredible spirits) so it's not like this change will be happening very soon. Or will it?

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