Heidi Montag Is Still Trying to Clear Her Name -- 10 Years After 'The Hills' Ended

Heidi Montag
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There's nothing like taking a stroll down memory lane, but at some point, we all need to move on with our lives and not focus so much on the past. Heidi Montag is speaking out about her Hills beef with Lauren Conrad and the infamous five-word clapback the now 30-year-old mom-to-be will never forget.

  • In case you need a refresher -- because it *has* been 10 years -- Heidi is addressing the season 3 showdown that ended their friendship.

    Lauren accused Heidi and her boyfriend-turned-husband Spencer Pratt of creating a rumor that Lauren and her ex-boyfriend Jason Wahler made a sex tape -- shocking Hills fans and equipping us with a "you know what you did!" mic drop.

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  • And as Heidi tells E! News, "I thought our friendship was way stronger than her blaming a rumor on me."

    After the fight, poor Heidi went to the apartment she and Lauren once shared and brought flowers, only to get hit with "I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you."

    Cold as ice, but not exactly unwarranted.

  • We get it. You're rolling your eyes wondering why a feud that happened a DECADE ago is STILL a thing. But Heidi is pressed to speak her truth.

    "It was a really hard time for me, because it took a lot of courage to go [meet with Lauren] knowing I was going against a pack of girls," Montag tells E! News. "I was going by myself. I was completely outnumbered -- knowing what the narrative was. It was really challenging for me to stand there, to stand my ground and be like, we both know what happened and what didn't happen. Why are you making it into something else?"

  • "I think the biggest misconception that was projected from that moment on is that I did something to Lauren ... and I didn't."

    Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag
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    "I was really such a great friend to her and kept a lot of things that were going on under wraps. I had been there for her. It just all spun out of control ... I would never do anything like that. I was nothing but a great friend to her."

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  • Okay, girl. Glad you got that off your chest.

    Spencer still feels amused by it all, telling E! News the argument definitely made for good television.

    "My brain thinks different than most people," Pratt mentions in the interview. "I would imagine I was thinking, 'Oh! What a great scene. That's great for TV.' That's the problem when you think like a producer while being on-camera. You get excited for action, even if it's supposedly real."

  • Though the likelihood of Heidi and LC coming together is up there with spotting a unicorn on the highway, at least Heidi can feel better about things.

    It's not like Lauren really hangs out with anyone from The Hills anyway.

  • You can view Heidi's interview in full here:

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