One of the Duggars May Have a Secret Girlfriend Living in Texas

John-David Duggar and Jana Duggar
Duggar Family Official/Facebook

Is there another Duggar courtship happening? Rumor has it that John-David Duggar, 27, is involved with a woman in Texas, but for some reason the fam is keeping it on the DL.


Apparently, JD hasn't been spending much time on the Duggar homestead in Tonitown, Arkansas, and has been instead splitting his time between pilot training classes in Mississippi, and courting his lady in Texas. 

Perhaps they met through Jinger (Duggar) and Jeremy Vuolo? After their wedding last November, the pair moved to Laredo, where he pastors a church and she defies the Duggar dress code by appearing in public in pants and shorts whenever possible.

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Anyway, a source told The Hollywood Gossip that JD is romantically involved with a Texan belle, but "they don't talk about it." They added, "Everything with John David is sort of the QT, same as with Jana. Everything they do is very, very, very secretive."

The insider also noted that Jim Bob and Michelle's clan don't like to broadcast the fact that JD's twin sister Jana has several close relationships with other females. He didn't believe that Jana is gay, but given her position as a 27-year-old unmarried Duggar, it's something they choose to keep out of the headlines.

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The source revealed that Jim Bob will stop at nothing to assert his authority over the family and try to control their public image. The source also claims to have been alienated by the family over the years, and is apparently sick of it.

"I never would have spoke about anything if Jim Bob would've been true and correct with me," the source confessed. "I used to have lot of faith in that family, but with all the untruths that have come out, all bets are off."

Color us not shocked that someone has bad blood with the Duggars. It's not like they've ever rubbed anyone the wrong way or anything.

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