Duggar Fans Freak Out After Possible Pic of Anna Wearing Pants Emerges

anna josh duggar

Another day, another Duggar shirking the rules to wear pants -- well, maybe. In a new (and very mysterious) photo posted by Jinger, fans think they've spotted Anna wearing jeans, and if she is, it might be an act of rebellion against her husband, Josh. Well, for everything he's put her through over the last couple of years. 


Jinger has been sharing photos from a trip to Little Rock -- probably from a while ago, since she's wearing jeans and boots in the photos -- which included a visit to the state capital building. On Instagram, she shared a black and white photo of two women walking in the building, and both of them are wearing pants. One of them is definitely Jinger (and we've all seen her defy the dress rules before), but the other? She's a mystery. 


And as The Hollywood Gossip pointed out, some fans in the comments seem to think that the person with her is Anna, and this theory kind of makes sense. The woman matches Anna's height and build, and it's totally possible she's spending some time with her sister-in-law while she's in town, but that would mean that Anna ditched the skirt for a pair of pants. 

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And as if a Duggar woman in pants isn't crazy enough for you, it gets even more insane. Some fans have taken the idea a step further and think that these pants are actually Anna's way of defying Josh's expectations of her. 

On one hand, this seems way too implausible to be true, because we don't even know if that woman is Anna. On the other hand? Oh, we want it to be true, because seeing Anna stick it to Josh -- even just in her clothing choices -- would be gratifying as hell. 

We may never know what's really going on there, but this imagined version of the story is our favorite. Anna, fill us in!  

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