Trailer for Season 2 of 'The Crown' Shows Queen Elizabeth Like We've Never Seen Her Before

Netflix The Crown

Big news for fans of The Crown! The acclaimed Netflix series is coming back to our small screens before the end of the year, and the studio just released the first trailer of season 2 to tide us over in the meantime.


The series follows the early days of Queen Elizabeth II's reign, and was an insta-hit when it was released on the streaming service. Even the queen herself reportedly watches it, although she does think a few of the events portrayed have been sensationalized.

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In our minds, the horseback-riding, Jaguar-driving granny is just being modest, and everything happened exactly the same way Claire Foy and Matt Smith show us onscreen as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Okay, fine, we're sure it's not a direct mirror of the true life of the royals 40–50 years ago, but it's still super fun to watch!


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The second season will cover the second decade of Queen Elizabeth's reign. John Lithgow as Winston Churchill will not be returned, but new faces Matthew Goode (of Downton Abbey fame) and Michael C. Hall are joining as Princess Margaret's husband and John F. Kennedy, respectively.

Season 2 of The Crown will be on Netflix on December 8.

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