Kylie Jenner's Insane Bikini Photos Look So Much Like Kim Kardashian

kylie jenner
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Um ... Kim? Is that you? On Wednesday, Kylie Jenner posted a bikini photo to Instagram, and daaayum. She looks incredible! But also, a lot like her big sis Kim. In fact, if you couldn't see Kylie's head in this photo, you'd 100 percent think it was Kim. Talk about good genes. 


"Day at Mommy's," Kylie wrote next to the smokin' shot, along with a yellow heart emoji. 

kylie jenner bikini

Kylie looks gorgeous here. Those curves! That booty! She totally takes after Kim. Lucky girl. Also, nice Wednesday, Kylie.

Here's a bikini pic of Kim for comparison's sake. Crazy, right?

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Kylie posted another sexy shot from the day. Hey, flaunt it if you've got it. 

kylie jenner

Kylie's Instagram has been pretty low-key lately, so it's a little surprising to see such sexy photos after seeing nothing but fully clothed pics on her 'gram for a while. From the looks of the comments that poured in, though, it doesn't seem like anyone's complaining about the pics. "U slayin girl," one fan wrote, while another said, "Best. Body. Ever."

Kylie has admitted that she's always looked up to Kim, and look at her now. The student is finally giving the teacher a run for her money. Whatever you're doing, Kylie, it's working. 

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