Kylie Jenner's Cosmetics Company Has Made So Much Money You'll Want to Cry

Kylie Jenner

Who knew lip kits could be so lucrative? Kylie Jenner's makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics, has already brought in $420 million after bursting on the scene just 18 months ago. It took Tom Ford a decade to hit a half a million in revenue, just for a little comparison.


Women's Wear Daily reported this week that the 19-year-old has made an obscene amount of money with her cosmetic line, and it doesn't look like it's slowing down anytime soon.

Kylie and her mom Kris Jenner did an interview with the mag, and provided documentation that showed how much product they've moved since they launched in November 2015. They also explained that they don't count the three months between that launch, and the one in February 2016, as "there was no product to sell while they developed their production partnership with Seed Beauty."

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You know, because it sold out in like, two seconds. Once they launched with Seed a year and a half ago, they've gone from a limited test run of 15,000 kits in six shades, to 500,000 just months later, to then creating and selling 300,000 of each individual shade.

Do you know how long it took Lancôme to make a billion dollars? Eighty years. Do you know how long it will take Kylie Cosmetics? Likely no more then five. WWD says that the company is set for a 25 percent increase in sales this year, which puts the 2017 projection at $386 million. That pace would mean Kylie could be the head of a billion-dollar business before her 25th birthday.

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Kris serves at the company's chief financial officer, but it's Kylie's creative baby. She told the mag, "What I've been into is creating collections; that's kinda my thing. I like getting in different moods. In the beginning I thought my brand had to be consistent and everything look the same and that was stressing me out. And that's really not my personality. I like to have blue hair one day and blonde the next ... and collections are where I kind of get to express myself. I change everything ... I love to switch it up and come out with new products."

She also said that there's no competition with her sister Kim Kardashian and her new cosmetics line. She called their brands "completely different," and said, "There's definitely enough room for the both of us" on the market.

As for the future of her company and if she'd like to set up brick-and-mortar stores or eventually sell it, she said, "I want to keep building it and just show people what I can do on my own."

Apparently, quite a lot.

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