Halle Berry Explains Why Her 'Life Is So Full' Without a Man

Halle Berry
Janet Mayer / Splash News

Not every relationship is meant to go the distance. Some last a season and allow those involved to walk away learning something new about themselves. After three marriages, Halle Berry is enjoying her singleness and reveals that her divorce from actor Olivier Martinez taught her a powerful lesson she'll never forget.


"Halle Berry is kinda taking a little break," the 50-year-old Academy Award winner declares on the Jess Cagle Interview for People when asked about dating and looking for love. "I've been divorced for one year, but separated for two. I've [had] two years on my own."

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As Halle mentions during the interview, her divorce from Martinez is her third -- and one she's not taking lightly.

"I've been with my kids [daughter Nahla, 9, with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey, and son Maceo, 3, with Martinez], taking time to think and reflect, and try to figure out how to make different choices -- just have a minute to be with myself," the mom of two explains. "I think this is proving to be really valuable time. I never really took time like this to be with myself."

Halle Berry with kids

And rather than jump into another relationship -- as if a person can't be happy and fulfilled without a lover -- Halle says her life "is so full" and proudly declares she "can be alone."

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"I'm learning that I'm fearless," Berry tells Jess Cagle. "I had so many fears after I went through my third divorce. I was afraid to do [it] ... but I was more afraid of living unhappy, so I faced that fear. I'm managing. I'm facing my fears and know that I can conquer them"

Feeling more empowered to stand on her own, Halle reiterates the importance of living out loud and walking in your truth.

"Don't let fear stifle you. Don't be afraid of what people will think about the choices you make. We have to live for ourselves, and live for our own individual happiness."

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