10-Year-Old Jennifer Duggar Sparks Controversy Over Wearing Shorts

Jennifer Duggar
Duggar Family Official/Facebook

Well now this is just getting ridiculous. It was one thing to be fascinated by Jinger Duggar, 23, wearing pants and shorts, but are people really getting critical of what 10-year-old Jennifer Duggar is wearing?


Or in this case, not even Jenni herself, but a friend of hers. Jim Bob and Michelle hosted a birthday party for Jenni at Lokomotion, a local family fun center near their hometown of Tonitown, Arkansas. They uploaded a cute birthday picture to Facebook of the group, and of course people had to start picking apart what the little girls were wearing.

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Jennifer Duggar Birthday Party
Duggar Family Official/Facebook

That's Jenni in white in the middle, surrounded by some of her sisters and a few friends. Most people just commented that the photo was cute, but of course some had to start judging the clothing.

"Who's the girl wearing the [short] shorts?" one person asked. Another added, "I guess some people don't know what modesty looks like so sad some of these comments."

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It's hard to tell who they're referring to, as none of the girls appear to be in short shorts. Not that it would matter if they were, of course, because these are children, but still. The best we can guess is that they're referring to the lovely young lady in the blue and white shirt, whose knees are exposed.

We've officially gotten to the point of ridiculousness if people are worried about what a guest wore to Jenni Duggar's 10th birthday party. There are way better things to worry about.

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