15 Times Kate Middleton & Prince William Were Strict Parents

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They may be down-to-earth and incredibly loving when it comes to Prince George and Princess Charlotte, but Kate Middleton and Prince William are pretty strict with their parenting. The two are making sure that both kids know the proper way to behave in and outside of the royal palace -- which we think is totally healthy. Hey, for a royal, there are a lot of rules to follow -- and it's better to start sooner rather than later! 


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We all have rule books we follow -- or make up, is more like it -- so that we can raise healthy, kind, and generous kids. Well, the royal couple is no different than any other millennial husband and wife. Sure they have a full staff of help and nannies, but Kate reportedly wants to be as hands on as possible with her children, which means that George and Charlotte will be receiving no royal treatment when it comes to their parents. 

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From throwing tantrums themselves to employing the classic time-out, here are 15 things that prove Kate Middleton and Prince William mean business when it comes to parenting. Don't mess with the duke and duchess. 

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